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Words on the street...
“I absolutely love it! You sound so wonderful. I love it. Your voice is just beautiful and I loved your phrasing. I am SOOOOOO Proud of you and for you! You deserve this wonderful gift that's happening right now, and you've worked hard! I know you have! I was there baby....I was there when the rose was just opening up!!! God Bless you baby girl! Do it....get ready to fly!!!”  
-Carmen Bradford, jazz vocalist    

 "Kate has a pure, warm and loving voice filled with joy, humility and emanating a self-assured, resonant tone which invites the listener into her own refreshingly authentic heart. She is very good stuff for the ears with an unmistakable blend of skill and gentle peaceful inner strength. Her beautiful sound is certain to bring many a smile!" 
-Benny Green, jazz pianist

photography by Carrie Roseman